Amgen believes it is important to share clinical trial results with trial participants and the public. 

A lay summary is a brief summary of the main results from a clinical study. It is written in plain language so it can be understood by most people from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences. Results are reported for groups of participants who took part in the study. Individual results are not shown and the lay summary does not include any information that can identify an individual participant.  

The lay summary is provided as part of Amgen’s commitment to publicly share clinical study results. The lay summary is not being provided for any other purpose. The lay summary is not meant to guide treatment decisions and it does not make any claim(s) for any medicine. Some information in the lay summary may differ from, or not be included in, the approved labeling for the product. For the indications and proper use of marketed products, consult your health care professional, who can refer to the product’s approved labeling for your region. 

The lay summaries can be accessed by clicking on the specific products below. Studies for which lay summaries are planned will be listed in a table under each product. Please click on the study number to go to the study specific page and view the Lay Summary. 
A lay summary will be available in languages used by participants of that particular clinical trial. The default language on the website is English but lay summaries in other languages can be chosen from the drop-down menu on the Study Page.

The lay summary will be available as PDF documents approximately one year after the last participant has completed the study. Until then, there will be a place holder text asking to check back later. 

Product List

List of products alphabetized by generic name
  • ABP 501 : ABP 501 : ABP 501
  • Cinacalcet HCl : AMG 073 : Sensipar┬«
  • Denosumab : AMG 162 : Prolia
  • etanercept : NA : Enbrel
  • Omecamtiv mecarbil : AMG 423 : NA
  • Panitumumab : AMG 954 : Vectibix